Secure BTM operator CoinSource opened the first Bitcoin ATM in New York’s trendiest neighborhood Lower East Side on November 23.

The newest one-way BTM is now available 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 3:00 AM, located at 61 Delancey Street, within the N&N Delancey Smoke Shop, between Eldridge and Allen streets.

“CoinSource is excited to expand our network to the Lower East Side at 61 Delancey Street,” said Sheffield Clark, Managing Partner of CoinSource. “We are proud to provide New Yorkers with access to low fee, secure Bitcoin ATMs. CoinSource machines adhere to cutting-edge security standards and provide convenient, instantaneous transfers compatible with any bitcoin mobile wallet.”

Licensed BTM operator CoinSource has already submitted an application for New York’s BitLicense. Moreover, the company has several BTMs from San Diego to Las Vegas to New York City.

According to Sheffield Clark, including the newest BTM, there are currently only 9 Bitcoin ATMs in total around Manhattan, the heart of New York City. There are about 15 bitcoin ATMs in all five boroughs of New York City. Before the new machine launch today, CoinSource had one more machine in Manhattan, at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

Secure BTM operator CoinSource opened the first Bitcoin ATM in New York

Sheffield Clark commented to the Cointelegraph:

“CoinSource is looking to install new machines in Palo Alto and in Dallas, which will be our first for those select markets. Also, we will be installing our second location in Las Vegas. All of these placements are scheduled for early December,” said Sheffield Clark. "We do have an aggressive growth strategy for the coming year.”

CoinSource BTM in the Lower East Side offers its customers a Buy Bitcoin option with standard fees at 7%, with large purchasers and high volume customers accessing reduced fee levels.

Sheffield Clark continued:

“Down the line we plan to roll out additional features that will enhance the overall customer experience even further. The primary focus for us is providing customers with a seamless, low cost transactional experience.”