With nonfungible tokens (NFTs) quickly rising to value, more and more people want to go all-in on this asset class. But, as any wise investor would encourage, the value of investing is in diversification. Leveraging this strategy, investors can balance short-term risks with a well-diversified portfolio while exposing it to the most long-term growth potential. The only downside is that tracking these assets, which are often managed on different applications, is another story.

Retail investors have to juggle multiple financial apps to stay on top of the market, making it nearly impossible to get an overarching view of their investments. Therefore, the thought of adding another one for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) has proven enough to deter first-time investors of this asset class. 

Delta, a Belgium-based smartphone application, has gained traction by addressing this gap in the market with its multi-asset investment tracking app. Through this app, users gain a live view of everything in their portfolio with access to tools and charts, including popular stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, mutual funds and NFTs. For investors, this means they can now access all pressing information at a single glance rather than navigating between financial apps in isolation.

Although user experience (UX) has been a focus of many application developers, Delta is one of the first to incorporate NFTs, which offer their own complexities, including managing multiple wallet addresses and staying up-to-date on new projects which have been popping up at an increasing rate, across over a dozen networks. Therefore, rounding out the Delta application is the addition of the first mobile NFT explorer that investors can connect to an Ethereum (ETH) wallet, either automatically or manually. This release will be followed by another update that will include multichain later this year, the team shares.

Like online shopping in the 90s

Although analysts deemed 2021 as the year of NFTs, many still do not understand what these applications are or how valuable these investments might one day become. As a member of the Delta team shares, "People don't understand NFTs, metaverse, and crypto today the same way they didn't understand online shopping in the 1990s."

Much like online shopping, many were used to the physical experience of going to the store. However, as the world spends more and more time online, they have become accustomed to a blend of physical and virtual reality, a stepping stone to the natural progression of the metaverse

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Delta's investment tracking app, complete with NFT explorer services, comes at the brink of this transition, enabling users to track their NFT collections alongside their stocks and other crypto holdings. Investors can browse popular collections and look through hundreds of thousands of NFTs with a UX that resembles online shopping. New collections can also be found based on investor-specific criteria such as volume with a global search function.

After finding a collection that matches their liking, each investor may choose to follow any single NFT or an entire collection, adding it to their following page. Then using Delta's price change algorithm, users will receive real-time updates when the floor price moves and when an investment opportunity may be theirs.

The NFT explorer is said to provide significant advantages due to its ability to “stay ahead of the game” and anticipate trends while simultaneously acting on changes as they arise in the NFT world, gaining a competitive advantage against those who aren't using the tracker.

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