The China Bitcoin Roundtable’s latest meetup to confirm SegWit2x implementation may not be as persuasive as its members hope.

BTCC’s summary of the gathering, which occurred in Chengdu June 15, announces those present “reached a decision to fully support and implement the New York Consensus on Scaling Bitcoin.”

However, this would only be put to the test on “June 31st, 2017” - a date which does not exist.


“We expect to fully implement the SegWit2X scaling solution by June 31st,” BTCC, which is one of China’s best known exchanges, confirmed.

The error, while likely no more than an accident, adds an ironic air to the deeply-contentious Bitcoin scaling debate, which has seen infighting so complex that many are unable to understand which entities support which solution, and what consequences these solutions bring.

The post was cause for amusement among social media commentators.

Bitcoin circles meanwhile continue to be awash with opposing viewpoints on scaling, with the New York consensus still under attack from those who refer to it as “FrankenSegWit.”

It is unclear whether the debate is linked to the latest drop in Bitcoin prices, which began during the tail end of last week.