Robocoin is finally making its way into the US market after a successful installation of its Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, the first of its kind in the world.

The machines will ship to Seattle, Washington, and Austin, Texas, later this month, and this version of the Robocoin ATMs will have additional security features such as ID document scanners.

The Verge is reporting a sticker price of about $19,000 for each ATM.

Just up the bay from Seattle, Robocoin’s Vancouver ATM was installed to much fanfare in a coffee shop last fall. Local newspapers reported transactions of almost $1 million in its first month. Hilariously, Wired reported earlier this year that the Vancouver machine needs a chaperone, as some enterprising entrepreneur had set up shop at an adjacent table to manually process Bitcoins, undercutting the machine’s rate.

At the time of writing, it is not clear who will operate the Robocoin ATMs in Seattle and Austin. Bitcoiniacs bought the Vancouver machine, but their next markets will be in London and Singapore.

In Canada, a Robocoin ATM is also slated to ship to Calgary this month.