Ford Motor Company releases the third annual trends report, highlighting the rising influence of Gen Z and mentioning Bitcoin as an emerging trend arising from the 'Carryless Movement' that puts forward the need of more convenience in the way we transact.

Released earlier this month, the Looking Further with Ford 2015 Trends report dives into the global consumer habits and behaviors expected to shape culture in the coming years. Directed by Sheryl Connelly, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring at Ford Motor Company, the document suggests that 2015 will be marked by a broad desire to enact change for the good, where Gen Z kids, the first truly global generation, born into an on-demand and ensconced in the technology-driven culture, should widely dictate the company's upcoming moves.

Sheryl Connelly, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring

"While demographics are invariably a factor in futuring work, what’s driving our report for 2015 is this emerging Generation Z consumer, who is already inspiring attitudes and behaviors in consumers of all ages," said Connelly in a company announcement.

"We saw similar traits with Millennials, but Gen Z consumers – being much more connected and aware of the options available to them – are the global go-getters who have a link to each of our 10 micro-trends for 2015."

Mentioned next to Apple Pay and Google Wallet, Bitcoin follows what the report calls the 'Carryless Movement' that focuses on customers' search of more convenience:

"With these technologies, consumers are able to pare necessities down to their essence—less baggage, more nimbleness. Across the globe, the advent of these technologies brings a transformation in the mechanics of how we pay, how and where we are marketed to, and who we trust with our most valuable information."

According to the study, mobile payment should be an area of focus for the coming years, with the number of users expected to move from 61 million, as of June 2013, to reach 450 million by 2017.

The report cites the example of, a Philippines-based Bitcoin exchange and wallet, which allow users to send and receive money easily across borders. These technologies, the reports continued, are consistent, notably in emerging markets where "paying bills and transferring money can be complicated."

"The app allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and store it in their digital wallet—and easily send Bitcoin to family members and friends, bypassing long bank lines and high transfer fees. "

Overall, the report emphasized 10 top trends that are expected to influence consumers and brands in 2015. Next to the "Carryless Movement," there is also the "No Strings Attached," the rally for renegades and rebels, the "Flaunting Failure," the evolving concept of family, as well as the many other definitions that are attributed to the word "mobility."

Based in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company is a global automotive industry leader that manufactures and distributes automobiles all around the world. The firm comprises of over 189,000 employees and is implanted in 65 different worldwide locations.

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