Former Bitcoin Core developer and cryptographer Jeff Garzik has officially been appointed as a board member of the Linux Foundation, joining executives from multi-billion dollar companies including Intel, Panasonic, Cisco, and Qualcomm, in order to promote the collaborative development of Blockchain.

Currently, Garzik serves as the only board member of the Linux Foundation qualified to be considered as an expert within the field of Bitcoin and Blockchain. Garzik has made significant contributions to the field, leading the creation of popular repositories, including that of a Python miner and library for Bitcoin.

In a public announcement, the Linux Foundation’s Executive Director Jim Zemlin stated that Garzik’s expertise and impact on the Blockchain ecosystem, along with the election of over 200 foundation members, allowed the board to be confident in welcoming Garzik.

Zemlin stated:

“We’re pleased to welcome Jeff to The Linux Foundation Board of Directors. His election by his peers of over 200 Linux Foundation members is testament to Jeff’s reputation as both a technologist and a strategist."

Garzik as the CEO of Bloq

Over the past few years, Garzik has focused on the development of his Blockchain company Bloq, which offers enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions to leading global corporations.

Unlike most Blockchain service providers, Bloq’s philosophy revolves around open source technologies and decentralization, two central features of a Blockchain network that would guarantee high levels of security and transparency.

Bloq has already secured strategic partnerships with some of the premier members of the Linux Foundation’s collaborative Blockchain development project, Hyperledger, as well as with other leading research institutions, including Deloitte.

The Importance of Open Source Technologies

Upon his election, Garzik emphasized the philosophy of Bloq and the importance of open source technologies in the development of Blockchain-based applications, platforms and networks.

“Open source is vital to fostering and developing innovative technologies,” said Garzik.

“We saw this in the early days of Linux, and the parallels with blockchain-enabled technologies are undeniable. Red Hat made Linux accessible to enterprise companies, now Bloq is doing the same for blockchain.”

The involvement of Garzik in various Hyperledger-approved projects, such as Iroha, will promote the foundation’s advocacy for open source projects and cite the significance of open sourcing Blockchain projects for banks and financial institutions that are experimenting with the Blockchain technology.