France Initiates Revision of Bitcoin Regulation on the Union Level

To be more precise, allow us tomention that the idea belongs to a particular French minister – the minister offinance Pierre Moscovici. He has revealed his intentions on the 4thof March in form of a request towards European regulators to review theexisting policy. The aim is to unify the approach in all member countries andto simplify the mechanisms of reaction.

The official statement was providedto Euroactiv. The minister has underlined that he is asking the EU Economic andFinancial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) to consider the matter of Bitcoin seriously.His intention is to inform the EU Commission with a letter opting to put thequestion on virtual assets in the agenda.

Mr. Moscovici said:

“This is an imperative topic to be treated not only at national levelbut also at European level. In order to ensure this necessary convergence, Iintend to request the other countries of the European Union to bring the topicon the agenda of the Ecofin Council.”

It has been also mentioned that theoffice of the finance minister has researched the matters around Bitcoin formore than a year and is ready to present the results to ECOFIN.