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Ziftr the online price comparison add-on and its altcoin offspring ziftrCOIN have teamed up with Cointelegraph to offer our readers a chance to win bitcoins!

The winner will also receive the value-guaranteed (in their retailer network) digital currency ZiftrCOIN, which celebrates the end of its pre-sale on February 10.

ZiftrCOIN made a stir in 2014 by bringing a value guarantee to the often unstable altcoin world. When consumers conduct transactions within Ziftr’s retailer network, each ziftrCOIN can be redeemed for at least US$1/coin, for up to 5% of the purchase. If ziftrCOINs are currently trading on the open market for more than $1/coin, then the 5% limit is removed.

So for your chance to win up to 0.5 BTC plus 500 ziftrCOIN for your spending delight, what are we asking you to do? Well, it's only answering one question, but quite a big one at that. We want you to write a response to the ultimate riddle of: “What will it take for Bitcoin to gain mass acceptance?

It's something we've all been puzzling over at some point or another; whether you think we just need Google Wallet to get on-board, national regulators to get clued up, or are first awaiting the fall of international capitalism, there are thousands of interesting theories around and we want to hear yours.

You've got until February 6 to get in touch, and there are two ways you can enter. Keep reading for more details, and we look forward to reading your submissions!

CT, Ziftr and ziftrCOIN announce contest to win a wallet's worth of coins

What's up for grabs?

We are splitting entries into two streams. The grand prize of 0.5 BTC plus 500 ziftrCOINs will be awarded to the best entry emailed in to Cointelegraph. We'll pick our favorite top ten from the entries received, and publish these on Cointelegraph to let our readers vote for their favorite.

There are however a further five prizes of 0.2 BTC plus 100 ziftCOINs each available for those people who enter via Facebook. Turning the jury duty over to your own Facebook followers, we'll award the prizes to the ten people who gather the most likes for their answer to our quiz question.

How to enter

To qualify for a chance of winning, you'll first need to think of your best answer to the question “What will it take for Bitcoin to gain mass acceptance?” With that small feat done, you then need to write a minimum of five paragraphs about your convincing argument (although maybe the more the better), and get it to us using only one of the following two methods.

To enter for the main grand prize:

Send the text of your answer to [email protected] with the subject: “CT Article Contest” along with a link to your social media profile. You also have to share our contests page via either Facebook or Twitter or both. The best of these stories will be published on the Cointelegraph website for our readers to vote on, and the 0.5 BTC plus 500 ziftCOIN prize will go the author of the readers' favorite answer.

To enter for the Facebook prizes:

With your answer at the ready, share this article on Facebook and post your take on Bitcoin acceptance theory (at least 50 words long) as a comment underneath. We will pick the five answers with the most likes combined between their answer and on the link itself to win one of the 0.2 BTC plus 100 ziftrCOIN prizes.

The competition will close on January 21, so get thinking, writing, and posting in order to be in with a chance to be announced as a winner on the January 23 here on the Cointelegraph homepage.

UPDATE: in accordance with this article, we are extending the contest's terms to February 6th. The winners will be announced on February 10th.

Be sure to check out and share our Contest Page!