A global pandemic has changed the world.

I write this on lockdown, unable to leave my home. A global pandemic has stripped the entire state of California and over 1.5 billion people globally from our rights and freedoms in an attempt to save lives. Businesses are being shut down, people are being laid off. Even I had to step down from my position of vice president at a cloud computing startup because of the pandemic, and now I find myself unemployed. The future is uncertain.

The CEOs of the world are stepping down, the venture capitalists are drawing their purse strings, and the banks are running out of cash. Local grocery stores are out of food, and Amazon can’t even fill my orders for the next month. Our hospitals are being overwhelmed, our supply chains are broken. American senators are insider-trading and dumping tens of millions in stocks, crashing their own economy. Yet another American election is being rigged in front of our faces.

Democracy is dead. The free markets are over. Globalism has failed.

The fallout of the global recession and depression from the effects of the coronavirus are going to be much worse than the virus itself. Everyone’s lives have been disrupted. The reset is happening right now, but it isn’t going down in the way the crypto community had hoped it would. This pandemic is horrifying, and has proven just how fragile and weak our economic systems truly are. Panic and fear just destroyed the most powerful economic system this planet has ever known.

In the ashes of this plague against humanity, there is an opportunity to end the old decaying systems that have failed us, and rebuild.

This is crypto’s moment

This is it. This is crypto’s opportunity to show the world there is a new way, a better way. As the shackles of slavery tighten in an effort to save lives, the rules of past generations no longer apply as the powers that be struggle to hold on to what little power they have left.

It is time for a decentralized future that rewards efficiency and quality, the creation of value, and freedom. It is time to end the economic slavery of centralized systems that have destroyed the potential of generations globally. It is time to build sustainable decentralized systems that support local communities while still having the benefit of being interconnected around the world.

We can fix this. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can be leveraged to build new and better systems designed to fit the needs of humanity, and no longer serve the sociopathic elite. The crypto community has been waiting for an opportunity to prove itself, and despite the horror of the present reality we now face, we are capable of overcoming this attack against humanity. The Globalist agenda must end. The future must be decentralized.

Blockchain technology is the solution. It is time to step up, co-create and build a decentralized, better future for humanity.

Stay safe everyone.

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Trent Lapinski is a hacker and technology executive who made a name for himself nearly 20 years ago in Silicon Valley by livestreaming Steve Jobs’ keynotes on a hacked mobile phone. In the past 20 years, Trent has made an impact on digital media, podcasting, social networking, live video, journalism, open source, WordPress, cloud computing and crypto. Trent has experience as both a former CEO and vice president, and has successfully bootstrapped a startup to over $1 million in revenue and sold it for an exit. Trent has experience in product marketing, sales, product development, business development, corporate development and venture capital. Trent is a freedom-loving American who believes in decentralization, calling out the corruption of the powers that be, and often deals in uncomfortable truths.