On 24th March Gyft has officially announced that their gift cards are now accepted in shopping venues of the Walmart Company, including the discounter Sam’s Club. The arrangement palpably increases the amount of venues accepting Bitcoin and the variety of products to be exchanged for the virtual asset.


Principles of Operation

Cointelegraph has already reported about the service Gyft and the goods it provides to its customers. The gift cards issued have denominations of $25, $50, $100, $250 and $500. Spending them brings 3% back in form of loyalty points some compare to a discount equal to 3% on further cards.

The Walmart Company has more than 11000 physical presences in 27 countries, most of them located in the USA, followed by Canada. The cards purchased from Gyft might be exchanged for goods as groceries or clothes and even gas just by presenting them to the cashier, who has to scan the bar-code from a piece of paper of a mobile device.

Paper gift cards might be received at customer and support centers of the retail network. The gas stations accept only printed versions, so customers have to remember this condition and prepare in advance.