Pheeva, the “sexy” Bitcoin wallet, is adding functionality to its swagger with the unveiling of an integrated tool to purchase Gyft gift certificates.

The move is part of Pheeva Plus, a major upgrade to the hot wallet which will see “partnerships with some of the largest brands in the cryptocurrency space to extend the wallet’s services for its users,” according to a press release.

The partnership with Gyft, which provides certificates that are valid at many US retail outlets purchasable with Bitcoin, is the first step in development to be released.

Lamar Wilson, CEO of Love Will LLC the creator of Pheeva, is a firm believer in maximizing Bitcoin products’ integrated social appeal.

“Pheeva Plus adds features and services to our hot wallet application, and adds new energy to Bitcoin’s adoption across a wider audience. This means more opportunities for our subscribers, and more ways to enjoy the freedom and security of using Bitcoin. It is yet another step in the evolution of this exciting global currency.”

The wallet is indeed ambitious in its outreach, being currently “the only fully-functional native Bitcoin application distributed for iOS devices” according to the latest press release, and mastermind Wilson has designed the tool to be straightforward beneath the branding.

Mr. Wilson told Cointelegraph in an interview earlier this month:

“Our hot wallet was constructed with the idea that it would be so simple your grandma could use it,”

It goes without saying that the much predicted mainstream influx to Bitcoin will create users hungry for the most attractive transaction tool. What will be interesting to see is the style that dictates certain wallets’ rise to major popularity, and Pheeva, with its ‘no-nonsense glam’ approach, is setting the stakes high.