Hackspace Capital Brings Blockchain to Crowdfunding Industry

In a land of ICOs that have no tangible product and only a white paper to show, raising millions in investments, a real company that has funded real projects in the past creating real value, is a welcome change.

Hackspace Capital is venture capital fund that aims to use the power of Blockchain technology to disrupt the crowdfunding industry with its leaders like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe.

It is a capital fund that explores promising start-ups with the sole focus of providing them with complete support throughout the project's development life cycle.

They help in various tasks ranging from the organization of administrative processes, providing legal assistance, business consulting, marketing via its partner companies, R&D, scientific research, engineering development and preparations for mass production.

What projects have they funded in the past?

With a goal of establishing and further developing international engineering ecosystem, they have an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from a sleep capsule to innovative energy generator.

One of the first startups that have been nurtured by the Hackspace Capital - HandEnergy, raised more than $120,000 on various crowdfunding platforms,