Scrypt miners can finally rejoice as Mining Asics Technologies B.V. (MAT) have started taking pre-orders for the Scrypt ASIC rigs from 12th of March 2014.


“Lite” mining

Litecoin and a legion of its lesser siblings from Dogecoin, Novacoin to, basically, most of the cryptocurrencies that make it to the mass users these days. Certainly, GPU mining is much available comparing it to ASIC. Even the top graphic cards are cheaper than rigs used by Bitcoin miners (although they don’t have much choice).

The best thing however is that after difficulty made a leap and miner sees that profit is not what it used to be, it’s much easier to sell GPU than ASIC. Besides, even if you did not manage to sell your GPU you can still run games on it – difficulty of mining grows faster than graphic quality of games.


Long wait

Already pushed your old rig from the table? Well, you shouldn’t. New rigs will arrive only in August-September this year, a real drag for the Scrypt miners. However, the company made a statement regarding such a delay. In short, they tell that in the next half a year difficulty won’t reach the powers of Scrypt ASICs.

MAT claim that machines they are shipping will still be the most cost/power efficient on the market.


Bye, bye GPU

Well, the only question left: what will become of GPU mining if these monsters arrive on the market. Even though reds and greens have went beyond cold war in their fight for Scrypt mining, both spitting new architectures for their GPUs. Although none has confirmed their interest in cryptocurrency market, latest chipsets arrived after the news of Scrypt ASICs.


Official Press release

“For the development and production of the Bitcoin Asic miners, Scrypt Asic miners and Scrypt FPGA miners Mining Asics Technologies B.V. (MAT) has partnered with German engineering firm Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT). Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT) engineering team consist about 40 highly qualified and skilled resources in hardware, software and mechanical engineering capabilities. A state of the art design center is located at the headquarters to undertake hardware, software and programmable logic design work. Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT) is led by a team of highly experienced professionals in its area of specialization. The Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT) design team have worked on several state of the art designs in the areas of software, systems architecture, involving ASICs and FPGAs.”