The creators of Hardware Wallet, KeepKey have announced that the wallet will now retail for $99, down from its previous price of USD $239.00. This is aimed towards achieving greater accessibility to digital currency users worldwide.

“Our core values for KeepKey are not only exceptional design and ease of use”, explained Darin Stanchfield, the Founder of Keepkey, “but also a product that is widely attainable. We are now producing KeepKey at scale in very large batches, letting us make it more accessible with a lower price.”

"The only complaint we have ever received about KeepKey was it’s price,” said Stanchfield.

Darin Stanchfield, the Founder of Keepkey

More competitive price

Doug Miller, director of business development at KeepKey, said the wallet has achieved worldwide success with a product launch that exceeded company goals in every aspect.

“We recognized the opportunity to offer the most secure, user-friendly bitcoin wallet at a more competitive price-point,” said Miller.  “Our end goal is to put the device in the hands of as many users as possible.”

KeepKey also announced the offering of a rebate on the difference in price for anyone who bought the device at the previously listed price within the last 30 days.

The announcement also includes that adjustments and updates regarding KeepKey’s Reseller program which allows retailers and vendors worldwide to wholesale the premium device, will soon follow. However, the KeepKey’s Affiliate program which offers 10% on referral of customers continues.