Last month, Dash announced a partnership with Mycelium that will see the seventh most valued cryptocurrency available for sale and purchase on one of the highest rated software wallets.

BlockPay later debuted a zero-fee merchant POS system with cryptocurrency integration which allows its point-of-sale system to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Dash for zero fees as well as traditional debit and credit cards.

Dash is also being prepared to be integrated into Jaxx’s multi-token, multi-platform Blockchain wallet.

Hashflare announcement

Hashflare announced that it would start Dash cloud mining. It also called for a pre-order of the limited amount hashrate before it is finished and interested miners miss their “chance to mine one of the most promising altcoins.”

Hashflare’s announcement says:

“On Aug 15, 12:00 UTC*, the first batch of 1 year X11 contracts will available for pre-order at the price of 6 USD per 1 MH/s. Mining will commence on Sep 15* and will bring the first DASH payout the next day.”

What is Dash?

Dash is like digital cash managed by a self funded, self governed organization comprised of over 15,000 users who move half a million dollars across the network every 24 hours.

It can be spent instantly online and at merchants and service providers worldwide with transactions verified by miners and its system is protected by 4,000 master nodes across the world.

Its in-built governance and funding system allows projects to be proposed and voted on by the community, and if approved, paid for directly from the Blockchain.  

It has several unique features, including instant transfers, low fees, optional privacy and state of the art security.