After "Is It Down Right Now" reported non-activity on the website of HashOcean for more than five days, major Bitcoin miner whose unresponsiveness has triggered disappointment at cloud mining efforts with suggestions that its investors have been scammed has finally made a public show.

In a post on its new Facebook page, HashOcean claims its domain and previous Facebook page were hacked:

“Sorry for inconvenience. Last night we got attacked by hacker which somehow can access our domain and posted our domain for sale. Now, we already take anything under our control and nothing affected our mining operation. Daily payout will be executed as usual.”

Regular payment soon

In another post, the company says miners should rest assured that their usual payout will resume soon:

“Because hackers attack our domain we need transfer all database and keep this in safe.

We guarantee you the full refund if you don’t like our service operation for any reasons. You need to inform our service desk about your desire to have your invested funds back. You will get them on your balance in 72 hours and in 24 hours funds will be transferred on Bitcoin-wallet.

You can take your hardware, 180 days after power purchasing. You need to send request for hardware delivery on the current page. Our specialists will call you to specify delivery details. For each 700 KH/s purchased powers you will get one video card AMD (ATI) Radeon R9 280X Gigabyte WindForce (GV-R928XOC-3GD).

If you have any questions, please contact our Service desk.
+1 650-603-5816* - 24-hr phone support for English-speaking users.
* Support service time to process only a small portion of calls.
For a guaranteed answer recommend ask questions via email.
Contact : [email protected] - service desk in English.”

HashOcean is not a scam

Some respondents on the Facebook page claim they have logged into a cloned Hashocean website and seek for a reset of their original Hashocean account details.

HashOcean warns users on their need to be careful with their account details on fake websites claiming to be from the mining company. It promises a 48-hour return to service with an emphasis on the whole episode no being a scam.

HashOcean’s post says:  

“The company didn't have anything related to us. HashOceanS Be carefull. We are trying to solve all the current issues. Many people started to claim that we were scammers/scammed 700,000 user! We would like to let you know that the domain is the only case, because the domain was transferred to another account, in case we changed the domain,we will transfer all the users/powers, We are Working Hard to get everything Back Normal in the next 48Hours, Keep Calm & Daily payout will be executed as usual.”

The landing page of, which HashOcean claims it is not related to, shows it already has 13K likes on Facebook.

An instant message to HashOcean on Facebook seeking a comment was not replied as at the time of submitting the story for publication.