Hollywood To Accept Bitcoin In Movies

Bitcoin is no longer for nerds and computer geeks only, but has become a mainstream digital currency used all over the world.

Also, thanks to great media coverage, Bitcoin has become popular in all segments of the population and not only among industry experts.

Millions of people use Bitcoin daily for payments and the blockchain for secure transactions and contracts.

And that’s why the movie industry is so interested in this topic.

Tomer Kantor, film director and producer said to Cointelegraph:

“Cinema doesn't allow the viewers to choose, it tells them what to choose. Bitcoin is a tool, so every movie where it's used would always show the perspective of the director's desires for that tool.

We'll see Bitcoin being mentioned a lot more in TV and Film as it matures, simply because more people will be using it as a tool.”  

Kantor directed two interesting documentary about Bitcoin: “Ulterior States” (2015) and “Bitcon in Kenya” (2014).

Tomer Kantor, film director and producer

Movies reflect people’s attention to specific subjects

With the rise of Bitcoin fortune, there are always more films and documentaries on the subject.

In fact, movies are similar to a litmus paper that indicate when technologies are ready to have a big impact on our daily life.

As happened in the past with other revolutionary technologies such as the Internet and personal computers, the movie industry takes care of a topic when it becomes popular.

Steve Beauregard, GoCoin CEO and Founder commented:

“I remember in the early days of BlackBerry Smartphones, that we realized they were gaining popularity when they started showing up in movies and on television shows. I believe the same is true with Bitcoin having cameo mentions in movies like “Dope”, it is clear it is becoming more of a “thing."”

Some practical examples from the world’s movie industry and Hollywood

So, take a look at some examples of movies about technology. When did they come out?

The first documentary related to personal computers and the Internet is called Terminal Madness (1980), the same year the VIC-20 sold more than a million units.

The Google Boys was released in 2004. That same year, on August 18, Google listed its stock on Wall Street with an initial public offering of 19,605,052 Class A shares.

The Social Network, the well known movie about Facebook, came out in 2010 when this social website had the global a