Though eBay does not accept Bitcoin directly as a form of payment, its jointly developed integration with BigCommerce may expose over 165 mln of its active buyers to the top digital currency.

The two companies announced the availability of the new integration on Thursday, Nov. 11 as a way to enable BigCommerce merchants to select products from their catalog and begin selling to millions of eBay users, without the need for third-party apps or custom development.

BigCommerce merchants that choose to sell on the marketplace can take advantage of its centralized inventory management and order processing, which will enable merchants to sell the same products and inventory simultaneously across both eBay and their branded website, while effortlessly syncing stock levels on both sides.

It combines its open architecture and app ecosystem for businesses to scale to millions in online sales for less cost and complexity of on-premise software. Its customers include over 50,000 small and medium businesses, more than 2,000 mid-market businesses selling more than $1 mln per year, 10 Fortune 1000 companies and 17 Internet Retailer 1000 businesses.

According to the CEO of BigCommerce Brent Bellm, the integration will enable retailers to sell to the massive eBay community from a single platform unified with their branded websites, allowing retailers to maximize their online sales while also minimizing technical and operational complexity.

Merchants can also have rapid bulk listing and central management, creating hundreds of eBay listings in minutes using customizable templates by automatically mapping products to different categories.They can also tailor their listings by defining channel-specific descriptions and pricing, while still using a common product catalog, and enable a scalable architecture for more consistent and faster syncing.

With the announcement, BigCommerce becomes the only e-commerce platform to natively support selling across the world’s two largest marketplaces and leading social platforms including Facebook and Pinterest.

Bitcoin link

As Bitcoin becomes an increasingly popular form of payment, BigCommerce has been promoting the digital currency as a relatively safe method of payment for products.

The world's leading cloud e-commerce platform for established and rapidly growing businesses, states in a post to its community that it encourages merchants to accept payments their customers can use, whether it be credit, debit, PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin or any other future form of payment that becomes relevant.

Creating the Bitcoin link between BigCommerce and eBay also comes with the use of Stripe, a payment gateway currently integrated with the BigCommerce platform and supported in various countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Stripe’s API supports Bitcoin payments in the same way as credit card payments. Many users can start accepting Bitcoin payments without needing to make changes to their server-side integration.