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Achieving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies remains a burning issue — and we'll be discussing this in depth during Cointelegraph's latest live ask-me-anything session.

Joining us on YouTube is XGo's head of product Josh Cowell. He’s from a digital asset management portal that wants everyone to realize the full potential of cryptocurrency. XGo is founded by crypto enthusiasts and experienced fintech leaders, and he describes it as a Web2.5 bridge with an ambition to onboard the next 100 million users to Web3.

Josh's background is fascinating, and he began championing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies back in 2010… not long after Bitcoin first launched. He says XGo's mission is to restore crypto to its original goal — and abandon the focus on speculation that currently grips the market.

He believes that banking the unbanked involves completely rethinking the financial system — and replacing everything that's done with money with crypto. This will help ensure that everyone, no matter their background, has a chance to benefit from crucial services.

A good time to build

A crucial part of the discussion is understanding where crypto has come since 2010 — and what lies ahead. Josh talks through the speculative bubble of 2017, the waves of institutional adoption we've seen, and the more recent development of tourists taking a step back as the bear market sets in. He believes it's crucial to educate the public — and demonstrate that crypto is a system they can benefit from, rather than a tradable asset class that makes millionaires overnight.

Josh is also a firm believer that this is a great time for XGo to be building — and tackle some of the pain points that plague the industry right now. He wants to tackle the levels of fragmentation that exist in the industry, and believes XGo can deliver a "bread and butter" service to crypto newcomers — a stepping stone that can play a crucial role in helping people take their first steps.

And during this live AMA — which features questions from the Cointelegraph audience — Josh argues that the world isn't quite ready for Web3 just yet, as this fledgling industry still has some rough edges.

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Something for everyone

Overall, Josh wants XGo to become the Amazon or Nike of crypto — delivering something for everyone. To use the Nike analogy, this is a sportswear brand that caters to all — from shoppers who have never run before to professional athletes.

Because of this, XGo will offer dedicated products to suit crypto newcomers and professionals alike. Each of the three products — XGo, XGo+ and XGo++ — will offer distinctive language to ensure that it's perfectly matched to what the audience needs.

Overall, his argument that the current state of Web3 is comparable to asking people to perform algebra  before they've even learned how to operate a calculator.

Now, XGo is stitching together the array of crypto services that are out there — completing the puzzle to benefit end users. New customers can also sign up and get $25 by  joining XGo via exclusive link. T&Cs apply, and you can see the livestream description for further details.

Is there anything else you'd like to know? Make sure you join the YouTube chat room and pop your questions there.

XGo's live AMA takes place on Friday at 12pm ET (4pm UTC.) Head on over to Cointelegraph's YouTube page and smash those like and subscribe buttons for all our future videos and updates.

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