A team of mixed martial arts and marketing experts have created a fan-centric platform that’s designed to bring the sport into the digital age.

MMAON says mixed martial arts is considered to be the world’s fastest-growing sport, with the likes of Conor McGregor propelling the discipline to an international stage.

The online platform is designed to connect stakeholders of this thrilling sport — including organizers, athletes, sponsors and fans. With COVID-19 affecting MMA events globally, causing fights to be postponed and fans to stay at home, digitization has never been more important.

Tomaž Ambrožič, a renowned sports marketing expert, described the creation of the MMA Digital Hub as “a very innovative approach.” The platform is set to adopt a similar approach to that of IMDb, which has now become an undisputed authority in the world of film.

He explained: “Each fighter will have their profile set up in one place, with the platform giving fans the opportunity to interact with the fighters, including in the form of a dedicated social media channel and even with the option to reward the fighters directly through the fans.”

A compelling twist lies in how fans will be able to vote on which fighters they would like to see face each other in the ring. Enthusiasts will also have the chance to follow each fighter as they train for upcoming events and share their predictions.

Fighting for the fighters

MMAON says that it also wants to help fighters make a comfortable living. Despite the fact that MMA is one of the most demanding and difficult sports in the world, many stars currently have low earning potential — and only a handful earn a substantial amount.

Through this crypto-focused platform, fighters will be able to receive tips from loyal fans — and athletes will be able to offer branded merchandise and sports equipment to generate revenue. A broader range of sponsorship opportunities will also be offered, something that contracts with professional sporting bodies often prohibit.

Frank Mir, a former UFC heavyweight world champion who serves as a consultant on the project, has said he wished that platforms such as MMAON existed during the early stages of his career — describing it as a “phenomenal concept” that will allow young fighters to be seen by everyone.

He added: “Sometimes you get a little envious when you think about what it would be like to have all these things when I was fighting in my younger years… How much more could I earn? How could I become more popular? It must be easier for every generation.”

One of MMAON’s top priorities will involve encouraging as many world-famous fighters as possible to become part of the revolution.

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A knockout startup

Executives say the MMAON token will have a plethora of use cases — enabling fighters to supplement their income even when they are not in the cage.

Fans will be able to pay fighters to create customized training programs for them, and launch crowdfunding in order to bring the fights they want to see to life. The cryptocurrency is also set to be used as a means of payment for pay-per-view fights and ticketing. In time, staking these tokens will also enable users to receive discounts on merchandise and special events.

MMAON has also been endorsed by Mohammed “The Hawk” Shahid, the president of the BRAVE Combat Federation, who is serving as an advisor to the platform — providing insight and feedback to help the company continue its growth. He added: “MMAON contributes to the sport by not only being a one-stop shop solution for the mixed martial arts industry but it focuses on fighters benefiting every step of the way from the growth of the sport. This is going to be a revolution in the sport of MMA.”

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