When people I know, or don’t know, ask me about work or what I do, I tell them that I write about Bitcoin, or I teach people about Bitcoin, or I invest in Bitcoin. That gets me at least a minute of genuine interest and curiosity. Let’s presume you don’t know this person very well, as only a passing acquaintance, like someone you may spend time in an elevator with. This is where something in sales called “The Elevator Pitch” comes in handy.

Someone you know as “Derrick” on your floor, either at work or in your apartment building, comes into the elevator, or runs into you in passing. You know you’ll be spending the next 30-45 seconds or so with Derrick, and he says “Hey, Joe, how’s it going?” If you’d like to introduce Derrick to Bitcoin, you can tease him with “The Elevator Pitch” and the conversation can go like this (Feel free to tweak this to work in your situation).

“Hey, Joseph, how’s it going?”

“Oh, things are just great, Derrick. I just invested in some more bitcoin and values are on the rise. Just paid for my coffee with bitcoin.”

“Oh? Yeah, I’ve heard of this bitcoin. What is bitcoin again?"

Whatever you said, the goal was to get him to ask you a “buying question” or for more information on Bitcoin, so make it sound interesting, but not complicated. This is where ‘The Elevator Pitch’ begins. It should last no more than 30 seconds while highlighting 2-3 great benefits, not features, to the user. It should pique the person’s curiosity to maybe do a Google search on it later. Here’s an example of the pitch I use in these situations. You should practice this beforehand.

“Well, Derrick, imagine sending unlimited money, anywhere in the world, for free, with your smartphone. Imagine an investment that was worth a nickel five years ago and is now worth over US$250. Imagine a way to buy plane tickets, a cup of coffee, or a Tesla electric car without a bank fee, or risk of identity theft. What if you were your own bank, Derrick? Wouldn’t your life be better? That is ‘The Future of Money.’ That is Bitcoin.”

That’s not too hard, right? Then ask if he’d like more information, and refer him to a site that may help him, without overwhelming him with information. Ask him for his email to send him a link. I’d recommend an Andreas Antonopoulos video on YouTube that is focused on Bitcoin beginners. Search: “Bitcoin Andreas.” I do a one-hour video training on Udemy for free called ‘Bitcoin for Beginners’ that can help. It is broken up into 5-8 minute easy-to-follow videos designed for newbies to get their feet wet. Bitcoin is best understood is small spoonfuls, as to not overwhelm a person new to it.

Andreas Antonopoulos

- Andreas Antonopoulos

Elevator pitches are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Come up with something you can say in 4-5 sentences that is easy to understand and easy for you to remember, but will make someone curious about Bitcoin. Leverage major sites that accept it like Fiverr or Microsoft. It should hit some hot buttons like identity theft, lower cost, high appreciation in value over time, etc. Have fun with it. Set goals that you will elevator pitch three people this week. Maybe somebody at your gym, someone at work, and someone in your neighborhood or church.

In my experience, people are curious about Bitcoin, but negative press and its complexities are major barriers. It’s a little over people’s heads, but if you make it simple, and tell the positive sides of owning it, you have a fair chance of growing your Bitcoin community. Give it a try.

The more people who buy it and use it, the more its mainstream monetary value increase and more businesses will sign up for it as well. When you do your part, and share Bitcoin with your community, Bitcoin and its “Network Effect” get a boost. If the mainstream media’s version of Bitcoin is all the common man hears, it will never gain mass adoption. We need to fill in the gaps.

Just like the Internet did 25 years ago, revolutionary inventions like Bitcoin can grow virally, if you spread the word, so get to it! Think of three people you’re going to share “The Future of Money” with this week. Consider this a way of giving back to Bitcoin by sharing its treasures with your own community. Sharing is caring.