What if you aren't a Fortune 500 company? How do you get started quickly and easily with this exciting new global technology and digital currency? Here are five ways to get started accepting Bitcoin into your business in a matter of days.

Any successful business is always looking for new ways to add revenue, keep up with the cutting edge of the latest technology, and reduce operating expenses.

Uber-successful companies like PayPal, Microsoft, and Dell Computers have discovered that Bitcoin accomplishes all of the above and have already begun integrating it into their operations. Isn’t it time that you followed the leaders?

Five Fingers Make a Digital Hand for Your Business

BitPay is the established leader in Bitcoin business payments systems, and they have generated quite a Rolodex of clients over the last two years in the process. Microsoft, The American Red Cross and PayPal have worked with BitPay to join the Bitcoin revolution. They accept multiple currencies, doing business in over 30 countries worldwide, and new technologies like one-tap payments at point of sale also enhance their appeal to retail merchants.

Most merchants start with their Free and Unlimited Plan, which includes unlimited transactions, instant conversion from BTC to USD and daily bank deposits. Merchants also receive retail POS solutions, eCommerce integrations, email support, no transaction fees, and access to all of BitPay’s plugins, APIs, and apps as part of the plan.

Coinbase is another market leader that was also a part of the PayPal deal. Many new to Bitcoin are put off by the volatility of the US dollar price. Coinbase allows you to sell the bitcoin received to avoid exposure to this volatility instantly.

Coinbase charges you zero transaction fees for your first $1,000,000 in transactions. General merchant fees are 1% for settlement conversion and $0.15 for ACH transfers. They have signed deals with Time Magazine, Gyft and have created a bitcoin exchange for the U.S. market.

Did you know that one in four blogs or websites uses WordPress’ platform? GoURL is a great bitcoin payment processor if you have a WordPress blog or e-commerce website where you accept online payments. Compatible with WooCommerce’s WordPress themes, this free plug-in not only allows a website to accept Bitcoin but all the major altcoins as well. If you have the wallet for the digital currency you fancy, GoURL will make it work for your business.

GoCoin is another option for any website looking to accept not just Bitcoin, but Litecoin and Dogecoin as well. GoCoin assumes any risk, eliminates costly fraud associated with credit card theft, and can make chargebacks a thing of the past. GoCoin takes a 1% fee and offers wire transfers for European customers.

SpectroCoin covers the secondary markets for Bitcoin outside of the major Chinese and American markets: Russia, Europe, Central and South America and Northern Africa. They provide wallets, currency exchange, and merchant services so that they can be a great one-stop bitcoin shop option for those in emerging bitcoin markets.

As Bitcoin grows more popular and more developers adapt to the technology, consumers, and business users win with great new options to choose from. One of the above may be just right for your business. The most important part is getting started and separating your business from the pack.

Accept bitcoin, and then put out a press release, attracting media attention and new buyers to your business. This strengthens your brand as a technological market leader. Choose to hold BTC for appreciation over time, or get daily or instant conversions to your preferred fiat currency. The most important decision is to get started accepting bitcoin. Over 100,000 businesses worldwide accept Bitcoin because it is now easier than ever before.