Conflux Network, a permissionless blockchain project, announced that it has been endorsed by government officials from the Chinese province of Hunan on Aug. 19. The company was previously endorsed by the Shanghai Municipal Government for similar reasons.

Hunan province, located in south central China, is a rapidly growing hub for science and technological innovation. The government has tapped Conflux to create what they are calling a “Key Laboratory of Blockchain Infrastructure and Applications of Hunan.” This will be a training and research lab at Hunan University focused on developing the province’s blockchain infrastructure.

In China, “key laboratories” are university and private-sector labs, funded and supported by the central government. They are generally established to research technical fields and advance national innovation. Eden Dhaliwal, Conflux’s global managing director, added: 

“The lab at Hunan University creates a launching pad for more research and development opportunities in the great province of Hunan.”

The endorsement was officially made at a ceremony attended by government officials such as Jianhui Xie, the vice governor of Hunan Province, and the president of Hunan University, Wei Deng. A number of Conflux representatives were also in attendance.

According to the report, Conflux is looking to establish blockchain technology as a beneficial and efficient solution in a variety of Hunan’s leading industries and verticals. They are currently preparing to work with local government to launch projects that enhance administrative and societal processes. This includes creating new methods of sharing data between various departments of the Hunan government, as well as tracing organic agricultural products and solutions.