Bitcoin and the UK High Street look set for holy matrimony with the launch of’s GBP gift cards today. 

Following in the footsteps of established US operation Gyft, which is currently partnering with the likes of Pheeva to produce integrated High Street retailer purchasing direct from BTC wallets, the innovation is a welcome development to the comparatively less dynamic Bitcoin space in the UK. 
Spendable is useful 
“The idea came from asking, why can’t I use Bitcoin to purchase something from my favorite stores,” creator Darwin Ramon told Viral Strategy, “The technology is already here, so why do I have to wait until the big brands catch up?” 

The service currently has facilities for BTC purchases of gift vouchers valid at Apple, Zara, Starbucks and Amazon, redeemable in up to four of initial markets UK, Canada, USA and Ireland. Customers may also purchase subscriptions to Monocle magazine from any location. 

“It is my goal to facilitate the inclusion of bitcoins in the established economy,” Ramon continued, “If bitcoins can be spent, bitcoins are useful.” 

Yes To Bitcoins uses BitPay to process transactions, and while the service’s Twitter feed is just getting started, its international functionality is set to give Bitcoin a much-needed profile enhancement on the European side of the Atlantic. 

While surveys earlier this year have shown both UK consumers and businesses to be deeply divided on the future of cryptocurrencies, the race for the perfect accessibility tool now appears to be noticeably gathering momentum. 

More information on Yes To Bitcoins can be found here.