, an organization for incubating ICOs, has spun off the blockchain startup Iconomi., which was previously in stealth mode, will select ICO projects to “nurture” and provide with knowledge and guidance, along with a number of what a press release describes as “advanced technical tools.”

Iconomi previously itself raised $10.5 mln in an ICO, one of the largest figures ever recorded. CEO and co-founder Jan Isakovic said in a press release on Thursday:

“Many ICOs have a brilliant vision but lack experience with the ICO vehicle, and consequently, they require assistance in formulating and executing an effective go-to-market strategy. By providing active mentorship and expert coaching from seasoned veterans, aims to help the most promising entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency space.”

Despite being in stealth mode, the project has already “engaged” with 30 startups, some of which will appear on its website in the near future.

The development highlights what is becoming a serious phenomenon in disruptive tech circles - ICOs are the instrument of choice for fundraising, to an extent where they are becoming an ecosystem in their own right. is one such product to emerge from such demand.

Iconomi itself, meanwhile, aims to be a fully decentralized fund management platform. In an interview with Cointelegraph in November, co-founder Jani Valjavec reiterated a desire to remove barriers to investment in crypto assets and associated startups.

“What we foresee that will happen with time is the evolution of funds. At the beginning, funds will include only cryptocurrencies and investments into the decentralised-economy, later, digitalisation of traditional assets will follow,” he stated.