India has been gingerly moving toward Blockchain technology for a number of solutions in recent months, though still refusing a wholesale adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The next application of Blockchain technology in India, however, has been announced as a partnership between the seventh largest Indian state, Andhra Pradesh (AP), and WiseKey, a Blockchain security company. The goal of the initiative is to help manage the privacy of citizens’ personal information being stored on state databases.

Population support

The state, with a population of around 50 million, is larger than many European countries, and is seeking solutions to manage the sheer volume of data required to maintain knowledge of its citizenry.

The Indian government has issued protocols for personal privacy, and AP is seeking to stay in line with those protocols. WiseKey’s app, WiseID, uses a public Blockchain system to allow users freedom to protect or share information at their discretion. The goal is to use the platform for other solutions in the future. The IT Advisor, JA Chowdary, said:

"We are looking towards WiseKey to play a leadership role in providing cybersecurity for the various initiatives of the government, but also drawing out the vision for smart cities who want to go beyond IoT, automation and use "Deep Tech" algorithmic technology.”