A crypto-driven advertising platform has announced that it is integrating Binance’s Smart Chain, amid concerns about transaction fees on the Ethereum network.

SaTT’s solution has been designed to transform the relationship between advertisers and publishers. Smart contracts ensure that brands only release funds once they can verify a campaign’s objectives have been met. Publishers also get a chance to monetize their audience and receive payment far more quickly than they do at present.

But with average transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain surging to record highs in February — breaking $25 at times — SaTT says that its ability to serve as a fast, efficient blockchain-based ad network has been impeded by current levels of congestion. And, given how its solution is designed to reduce the cost of advertising, an alternative urgently needed to be found. Although transactions can be sent with a lower fee through Ethereum, it can take hours for these payments to be processed.

Given how there is uncertainty over the impact that Ethereum 2.0 will have on gas fees going forward, and no clear date when this long-awaited upgrade will launch, SaTT believes Binance Smart Chain is better suited for DApps that depend on ultra-fast transactions.

Making the switch

According to SaTT, Binance Smart Chain will enable its ecosystem to continue growing — and cement its reputation as a cost-effective platform. Through BSC, it’s estimated that advertising transactions will cost a maximum of 12 cents, with each payment completed in under five seconds.

And the platform has been alone in breaking away from Ethereum and finding out more about what BSC has to offer. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao revealed in a tweet on Feb. 10 that BSC had managed to flip Ethereum on daily transactions, adding: “This validates the logic that low fees attract more users and projects.”

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SaTT has announced that it is initiating an airdrop that will enable ERC-20 holders to port to BEP-20 tokens — and a date for the airdrop’s snapshot, along with further instructions, is going to be announced soon.

The project says these new tokens, also known as SaTT, will exist to complement the ERC-20 version, meaning that users will be able to enjoy easy access from both blockchains.

SaTT BEP-20 has already been listed on PancakeSwap — and two trading pairs are available. One connects SATT with BNB, while another unites SATT with the BUSD stablecoin. A liquidity pool has also been opened.

Beating the competition

SaTT’s motivation is to offer services that “beat what is obtainable in traditional settings” — and it’s hoped that the Binance bridge will play a starring role in making this happen.

The project is determined to offer a modern approach to advertising that unlocks opportunities in an increasingly online world. In recent tweets, SaTT said influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful forms of advertising out there, not least because of how there are more than 3.4 billion social media users worldwide.

In the old-fashioned landscape, it can take a publisher up to 90 days to receive compensation through affiliate campaigns. By contrast, SaTT says the use of smart contracts means that payments can be made in under a minute.

Better still, publishers and advertisers alike receive precious intelligence on how campaigns are performing — and this can deliver an insight into the messages and strategies that resonate most with an audience.

SaTT’s infrastructure is functional across major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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