Today, the Cointelegraph is proud to announce that it is launching a dedicated web portal for its highly successful Human Resource service:

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Back on July 1, 2014, the Cointelegraph announced that it is launching its very own Human Resources service aimed at matching potential job seekers with their prospective employers.

Due to our close relationship with the Bitcoin community, Coinhr will be perfectly situated to find the best person for the right job. We maintain personal contact with both employer and job seeker through the entire process and never disclose any private information without the consent of the individual.

We have already connected 17 specialists with various Bitcoin companies with an average monthly salary of 5 BTC.

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Why Coinhr?

It is no secret that the Bitcoin economy is booming. With each day, hundreds of new startups and coins are launched into existence. Meanwhile, prominent Bitcoin companies such as Coinbase and BitPay are expanding their staff and opening up new offices across the globe.

While Bitcoiners and critics have polar opposite views on the digital currency, both would agree that the Bitcoin revolution is responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs worldwide at the very least.

With this in mind, the Cointelegraph is happy to announce that it is launching its own dedicated Human Resources service aimed at helping everyone inside and outside the Bitcoin community find their place in the new economy.

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The new HR match-making service is still in its infancy but we are already accepting your material. So if you are looking for a career in the new booming Bitcoin economy or if you are looking for the most skilled and talented individuals, look no further.

The service is free for all job seekers. Opportunities for employers are discussed on a case by case basis.

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