In 1996, former first lady Hillary Clinton published a book about parenting and child-rearing called It Takes A Village. Clinton’s point was that parenting is a joint effort among many sources, and the ‘village’ is required to raise kids. While the book has since become a sort of joke among political insiders, there’s a subtle truth in Clinton’s concept - that where there are many caring eyes on children, safety is easier.

Never has this need for ‘crowd’ protection been greater than with the baby and children’s items market. Countless numbers of children’s items, with glowing reviews online, have since proven to be defective, dangerous, poisonous or harmful. When these problems are finally made public, the public has already spent money on these products - both a waste of funds and a massive risk for kids.

Enter the Blockchain

Where community and security are concerned, it seems that Blockchain technology has a solution for many problems. In the area of baby and child products, a group of family-focused business entrepreneurs has put together a trust-based platform using Blockchain technology called FamilyPoints. Parents can share real honest reviews about products and services.

Additionally, as parents share reviews and use discounts on products through the trust platform, they receive rewards and can use those rewards on additional discounts and services. These services include high-quality baby and child products without the huge margins of local stores, built in loyalty programs, and excellent educational content for parents and kids alike.

As parent reviews and product knowledge grows on the ecosystem, the Blockchain ledger keeps everything immutable. Outside marketers and scam companies can’t influence the ways that products are reviewed. In other words, data and product knowledge are really honest - something that is almost impossible to achieve on traditional product sites.

Power in experience

The FamilyPoints group is not new to child products and education. They have already built one of the most successful content for parents on the internet called Babystep. Founded in 2015, Babystep has built the world’s largest video library of educational parenting content with over 1,150 videos in eight different languages.

The company is a winner of the prestigious G-Startup award, China’s biggest startup competition, and has since launched its mobile video platform. Babystep generated 15​ ​mln​ organic monthly views and has an established subscriber base of 1.5 mln in 2017.

Token sale

The Babystep success indicates that the FamilyPoints platform will follow suit and Clinton’s statement on child rearing may have somehow proven true. The company is planning to launch a new token sale in order to crowdfund the platform and to generate the internal cryptocurrency that will be used on the platform by subscribers.

The tokens, FamilyPoints Tokens (FPT), will be generated in a one-time token sale for subscribers. These tokens will be used for reviews, purchases, advertising and more within the ecosystem. The pre-sale will start on Dec. 1, with the public sale following on Dec. 10 and concluding on Dec. 31. Early buyers will receive bonuses.


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