Italy and Crypto: Naples Mayor Talks About City’s Focus Group to Promote Blockchain and Possible Municipal ICO

A working group devoted to blockchain on the initiative of institutions, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, a big and efficient plan for the future – it’s happening in Naples, the capital of the Italian region of Campania in the south of the country. The city, through a recent press release, announced the creation of a special “focus group,” whose purpose is to “develop and eventually implement objectives related to blockchain technology”.

In response, hundreds of scholars, experts, professionals and enthusiasts signed up as volunteers to participate in the project. We are talking about 300 people from all over the world.

Naples working group

We spoke with Felice Balsamo, an associate of the mayor of Naples, so that he could explain to us the details of one of the very first institutional projects in Italy. One could notice Felice’s competence in talking about ICOs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a tool to speed up government procedures.

Felice told Cointelegraph that Naples started discussing t