Swedish mining firm KnC Miner is moving ever closer to unleashing its Titan on the scrypt mining scene, it announced in a press release Monday.

In an update on the long-anticipated tool’s production progress, KnC speculated that the first orders should be shipped “well before the end of Q3,” adding that a more specific date would be confirmed once the technology testing process was complete. KnC continues regarding the specifications of its latest innovation:

“We’ve added the Titan to our new modular design system, delivering its chips in individual ‘cube’ cases, each chip with its own dedicated cooling and power management.”

The Titan scrypt miner is set to increase performance while at the same time providing significant advances in its structure. Aside from individual cooling capabilities, the cube system allows the device to perform very quietly.

Ergonomic benefits have also been achieved. “… Tweakers appreciate the design as it makes it easy for them to tinker with one chip/cube at a time, while still having the rest of their cubes running independently,” KnC adds.

Meanwhile, the company’s ‘Neptune’ Bitcoin miner, featuring a pioneering 20 nanometer processor, is reported to have seen unprecedented sales.

“With the Neptune’s modular cube design our customers experience industry-leading power consumption at between approx. 0.43 - 0.57 watts per GH/s (J/GH) on average depending on power set-up and peripherals,” KnC says, adding that it is continuing to deliver as many units as it is possible to produce.

With new innovation continually on the horizon, KnC has proven it can position itself as an attractive option regardless of the cryptocurrency climate. Having survived the slump in BTC price following a boom month in November when the company sold 5,000 units with revenues of US$3 million in just four days, its products remain highly sought-after. 

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