Leetcoin is a competitive gaming platform where players wager bitcoins on their League of Legends and Counter-Strike: GO games. Minecraft Hunger Games is set to become Leetcoin's third supported PC game.

Leetcoin's tag line is apt: “Kill your friends and take their money.” Their bitcoin-for-kills business model offers the fun and potential profitability of gambling to a whole new demographic: PC gamers.

The site was launched in 2013 by Kingsley Edwards, who said:

“There is currently no way for talented gamers to earn a consistent payout by playing against other players. Tournaments are too few and far between. Leetcoin was developed to change that.”

Edwards is also the founder of the Las Vegas Bitcoin meetup.

Leetcoin makes money by keeping 2% of the winning payouts for League of Legends games. Gamers sign up for Leetcoin with a Google account, and can connect a Xapo bitcoin wallet for even quicker depositing and withdrawals.

Edwards recently said in an interview with BitcoinGG:

“Bitcoin enables gamblers to play with a frictionless currency on the Internet with little to no fees. What’s there not to like about it? I love it and want more of it. ... I think Bitcoin will continuously climb in the next five years. As the price increases, stabilization will increase.”

Leetcoin seems to welcome both those who are new to Bitcoin, as well as high-stakes betters. Their blog reads, “Earn bitcoin for every kill with no risk of loss by playing on our promo servers, or compete on our low-stakes server to go head-to-head for other players’ money.”

There's been no precise date announced for Leetcoin's support for Minecraft Hunger Games, so antsy gamer-gamblers will have to keep checking.

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