If Bitcoin is going to dominate the financial world, it has to appreciate any kind of merchants and vendors accepting the payment method. The scale of the venue does not matter anymore – any means are good on the way to domination. What about the cutest weapon ever no one can pass by? Shy smiles, serene voices and refreshing lemonade are something, which is extraordinary disarming. And in case You do not like lemonade – take a cup of hot aromatic coffee. There is always choice offered!

San Francisco, the Noe Valley district, the weather is pretty cold, but Mia and Taylor are not to frighten – they passionately run their stand and offer really profitable deals to the passers. Both are scouts and their business seems to be already a tradition for the movement that originates in the United Kingdom and has gained enormous popularity in the USA. The aim is development of personal mental and physical qualities, and running an own business definitely teaches life very well. As Bitcoins are accepted as a matter of exchange – it also teaches the girls the basics of modern technologies and virtual currency entrepreneurship.

The name of the stand is very easy to remember - Mia and Taylor’s Coffeeshop. The statistics received from the Bitcoin calculator Preev show that the girls were able to earn 0,083 BTC or after the current exchange ration – around 70 dollars. It is really impressive, but a part of the money is donations from the coin activists and supporters, who got to know about the “business” from a Reddit thread. The user DorkusPrime allowed himself making a photo of the stand and to publish it online. Not much time was necessary for the girls to become super popular and famous. Among other features, it is the first real world, offline business that allows purchases with Bitcoin and is run by very young people.

The presented goods – lemonade, coffee and cookies are instantly paid by customers, who read a QR code placed on the small booth. A personal Bitcoin wallet and a smartphone equipped with a scanner is enough to become a client by the girls. Also, there is rumor that the girls’ own wallet has been hacked or at least some attempts were performed. This deed was already convicted by the coin users – how can somebody be so cruel and try to steal a candy from a child? This someone really deserves some reprimand.

The 200 comments on Reddit and tweets on the social networks are the best advertising campaign Mia and Taylor could dream about. In case, You are still not convinced, if You should enjoy a cup of coffee having a lovely chat with two young business ladies, remember – broken cookies are for free. What else can one wish for on a buzzy Monday?