Oliver Beddows, CTO of Lisk,  has responded in the affirmative to a question on whether the Lisk blockchain is currently able to host a project of Steemit size considering the stability of its network.

Beddows gave the answer on August 13th during the first technical meeting - the second community meeting focusing on the technical aspect of Lisk - where developers provided detailed answers to questions compiled before the meeting from the community of Lisk users.

Beddows says:

“Yes, we believe Lisk can host a project of this size, if not greater. The reason for this are twofold, our choice of database system: PostgreSQL, which has many avenues for scalability, and secondly the fact that each sidechain operates autonomously from the mainchain with the minimum of parental dependency."

Steemit and Megaupload 2.0

Steemit is a decentralized social media platform which rewards posters and voters online. Lisk is not intending to do a similar project as Steemit.

Beddows adds:

“Our platform requires a lot more development effort to establish the maturity and security required to operate such a high value sidechain, but the fundamentals are all there.”

In response to another related question, Lisk CEO Max Kordek said Megaupload 2.0 will not affect the Lisk platform as an open source project that can run everywhere.

Kordek says:  

“The Lisk project is a platform which enables the development of applications and services. An application like Megaupload 2.0 is only one use-case of what is possible with Lisk. If Kim’s new project really takes off then it will benefit the whole blockchain space because it brings further adoption into it.”

The Lisk team says they have established communication channels with the major Lisk exchanges and will be asking the owners directly, particularly Poloniex next week, about enabling margin trading for Lisk.