In the wake of the split into ETH and ETC - Ethereum Classic, following the recent hack of The DAO on the Ethereum platform which led to a hard fork to recover the stolen funds, Max Kordek, Lisk CEO, has come out to “clean up some misunderstandings, and explain briefly what Lisk is and what it isn’t.”

Lisk is not a fork of Ethereum

In a blog post to the Lisk community, Kordek states categorically that Lisk is not a fork of Ethereum as the first of various misunderstandings, myths, and other wrong facts he wanted to dispel.

Kordek writes:

“The Lisk code base was forked from the Crypti project Oliver and I were a part of for 18 months before we started Lisk. About 2 years ago Crypti collected 750 BTC in order to develop a Blockchain application platform. In the end the Crypti foundation developed a code base which was a good starting point for a new project.”

Max Kordek, Lisk CEO

On growth potential in China

Kordek, who recently visited China, also noted that Lisk is not a competitor to every Blockchain project, though practically everything could be implemented into a Lisk sidechain and the Blockchain space is big enough to have several projects solving the same issues.

He says the Lisk App SDK is a framework to deploy users’ own sidechains and develop Blockchain applications on top of them. These include platform independent social networks, messengers, games, financial applications, prediction markets, exchanges, storage platforms, contract execution platforms etc, without the hassle of complicated consensus protocols or P2P networking algorithms. Everything is written in JavaScript.

On his recent trip to China where he listened to Vitalik Buterin's first presentation in Chinese, and also talked to him briefly as well as to the Lisk community, he says to Cointelegraph that the Asian giant is another game with an enormous potential for his project.  

“I encountered a different culture, met many Blockchain enthusiasts, and I personally see a huge potential for Lisk in China. This was definitely not my last trip to China, and we will make major efforts in China and Asia as a whole with Lisk. We will be back in China in late September. However, partnerships don't happen overnight. I met many individuals who are interested in what we at Lisk are working on. Obviously, Lisk needs to grow first on the technology side to make a huge splash. The next time I'm in China we will continue all these discussions. Lisk will be ready then in terms of technology and business. If you connect Lisk and China the only possible step is forward.”

Is Lisk ready?

In the post, he stated that Lisk isn’t ready or else there wouldn’t have been an ICO. Some parts of our great vision still take months, other parts maybe years. It doesn’t take a week to revolutionize the app market, he noted.

However, in the email, he said that within the next two weeks, he will be moving to Berlin with Oliver to open up an office and “the legal entity will also be established sooner rather than later, we will get access to the funds, and the real business can then begin.”

Kordek concludes:

“Within the next days, the Lisk community can expect a client update (0.3.2) which will fix some annoying bugs, such as that not every initiated transaction gets included into the Blockchain and you have to resend it. This is quite annoying for exchanges and that's why it has priority for us. We will also cherry pick some fixes which were originally intended for the 0.4.0 update and include them in 0.3.2.”