Despite crypto being an almost completely digital industry, offline conferences and events are an integral part of the space. They facilitate the flow of ideas and build the groundwork for lucrative connections and networking. 

The worldwide consequences of COVID-19 have thrown a wrench in the vibrant array of annual blockchain events that usually span from New York to Berlin to Hong Kong. As more conferences make the choice to go virtual, it becomes unclear what the lasting effects of this new era of travel restrictions will bring.

Today, Cointelegraph gathered some of the space’s leading events organizers to address how COVID-19 is reshaping the landscape of crypto’s conference scene. Tune in now to our live panel featuring CEO of BlockShow Addy Crezee, Head of Strategy at BlockShow Gabriel Yang, co-founder of Korea Blockchain Week Brian Kang, and partner at SF Blockchain Week Jonathan Allen.

If you have ever wondered how crypto events like BlockShow are made, now is your chance to find out. Stay tuned until 3 p.m. ET to witness the premiere of Cointelegraph’s latest documentary How to Create an Event: Making of BlockShow. Addy Crezee, the CEO of BlockShow, speaks openly about his failures, crashes, and successes. Meanwhile, Cointelegraph journalist Jackson DuMont struggles to overcome the challenges of being a first-time main stage MC. Will he succeed? Watch the film to find out!

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