Blockchain technology is one of the most significant technological innovations, its impact on various industries is believed to be as monstrous as that of the Internet.

On Jan. 20th-26th, the world thought leaders and tech experts will gather in London for the third annual Blockchain week to size up how far advances were made in unveiling the huge potential of Blockchain.

Luis Carranza, Founder of London Fintech Week and Blockchain Conference says:

“Fintech is maturing, more money is being invested and it is a sign that value is being created. One of the biggest trends I see is that regulators are getting agiler in order for innovation to happen rather than getting in the way. My biggest inspiration is the potential to have more people included in financial systems globally by lowering the barrier to entry in developing nations.”

Carranza is certain that the technologies are ahead of their time, however, he says that we are seeing is still the early phases of their development. “People and organizations that get involved now are the real pioneers shaping the future of the industry, just like the innovators who built the early components for what became the Internet,” he stated.

Three in one

Luis Carranza has previously organized Fintech Weeks in London, New York and Tel Aviv. This time, the focus of the event will lean towards Blockchain and its practical application.

He says:

“It's our third annual Blockchain conference in London, there is a lot of interest with broader appeal beyond financial services, so we have created a full week packed with events.”

The event is divided into three separate parts. It will kick off with the Hack-The-Block Blockchain Hackathon created specifically for developers to get their hands on and build a prototype that could be potentially trialed in Papua New Guinea.

The Hackathon offers two challenges: to help unlock Blockchain for municipal and citizenship services and to play around with Blockchain integrating it for financial inclusion in internal remittances. The winning teams will be awarded £1000 and what is more important, a chance to take their project further with a government partner.

The Blockchain Conference will bring together some of the most influential field experts and thought leaders to connect, get inspired and take action. The first day of the Conference will touch issues about Public Blockchain, while the second day will focus more on Blockchain/DLT in hybrid and public ledgers.

Carranza is certain that the emphasis of the event will not only be on financial services, it goes beyond that into creative, telecoms, government and other industries.

Finally, the Blockchain/ DLT Workshops will welcome those who would like to take a deeper dive into the foundation and theory applying the basics of using common coding languages for building Blockchain projects.

Is Blockchain here to stay?

Carranza considers the current global obsession with Blockchain to be both an attempt to comprehend and take the most out of this technology. A reaction based on the fear of missing out.

He explains:

“There are some real innovators out there as well as people that understand Blockchain enough to know that they need to get involved. Some people genuinely want to change the world, while others want to make a quick buck.”

Want to be a part of the process of changing the world? Check the website for more information about the event.