London’s Bitcoin-Only Photographer Refuses to Accept Fiat for Her Work

Abigail “Abby” Scarlett, a photographer from London, has been making headlines for a recent challenge she’s plunged herself into, to sell her photography and photo shoots for only Bitcoin over the next six months.

She’s already a few weeks into the crusade. In order to show the world what Bitcoin is, she refuses to accept fiat for her work. Her mission is to spread adoption and bring more exposure on the digital currency world.

Scarlett was introduced to Bitcoin while rooming with a miner in Brighton’s seaside district. She was curious about the loud machines the miner had going in their shared loft. Little did she know, the machines were mining cryptocurrency.

After learning about the digital money, which she refers to as “mind blowing,” Scarlett jumped head first into this new world. What really excited her was the community element surrounding Bitcoin. The voluntary interaction and tightly weaved community impressed the young photographer, so much that she decided to revolve her career around it.

“I’ve always been a bit of a nerd when it comes to technology and once I started to grasp the fundamentals of Bitcoin, it seemed clear to me that this technology could be as important as the invention of email if not the Internet itself.”

Scarlett, now hooked on the idea, decided to become a Bitcoin activist. She helped Flawless Clothing, a local shop in Brighton, get its first Bitcoin ATM. She decided the digital currency needed an artistic approach. With her photography career, she started warming up her clients to the new form of money, telling organizers at her photo shoots about its potential to transform traditional finance.

A few weeks ago, Scarlett decided to take her activism