Crypto Media Outlets Targeted by Fraud Ring

The cryptocurrency space is undoubtedly still a “wild west” that can offer as much opportunity as risk. Cointelegraph uncovered a profit sharing scheme where self-proclaimed “hackers” lure unsuspecting clients to sell their coins after reading promotional articles purportedly posted on crypto media outlets such as NewsBTC and CryptoCoinsNews.

Crypto Media Outlets Targeted by Fraud Ring

Stripe Launches Bitcoin Integration after Nearly a Year of Testing

Following nearly a year of testing, Stripe has launched its bitcoin payments integration. Stripe is now allowing all merchants in its network with a US dollar bank account to accept bitcoin. Integration for merchants is made possible through either its API or as part of its Checkout feature.

A representative for Stripe said the beta test had delivered promising results:

"While in beta, Stripe merchants accepted bitcoin transactions from more than 60 countries so we're excited to see what's next."

“Inside Man” Covers Bitcoin

Morgan Spurlock's episode of "Inside Man" featuring Bitcoin aired on CNN last night. Spurlock, best known for his 2004 McDonald's documentary Super Size Me, lived on bitcoin for a week for this documentary, and during this time buys bitcoin at the New York City Bitcoin Center, visits a bitcoin mine, and buys a fake Rolex on Silk Road 2.0 – among other things.

Although it's not possible to watch the episode online (yet), Spurlock himself suggests those interested to download it from The Piratebay.

Dell Now Accepting Bitcoin in the UK and Canada

Following its successful US pilot, Dell is expanding its Coinbase partnership abroad. The company is now accepting bitcoin in the UK and Canada on, making Dell the largest merchant to accept bitcoin internationally.

“Through the expansion of Bitcoin we’re enabling new levels of convenience for our customers, making it easier for them to do business with Dell,” said Paul J. Walsh, CIO, Dell.

Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Platform Coinarch Expands into China

Derivatives-focused bitcoin trading platform Coinarch is expanding to the Chinese market with the launch of dedicated local branding and support staff. The new operation will be named 币琪 (pronounced 'bi-qi'), and is now in the process of registering a local subsidiary. Coinarch aims to be perceived as a local company in order to better challenge established competitors like Huobi, OKCoin and BTC China.

CNN Money Adds Bitcoin Ticker

CNN Money launched its new Bitcoin quote page, using the ticker XBT. Like all CNN Money quote pages for public stocks, the XBT page has a price chart, which is updated daily, and a compilation of recent Bitcoin news.

Melbourne Celebrates Chinese New Year with Bitcoin Giveaway

To mark the Chinese New Year, the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Centre (MBTC) and the Australian mining operator the Bitcoin Group handed out bitcoin in Melbourne's Chinatown precinct using "lucky money" envelopes, which contained a bitcoin paper wallet.

Communications manager at MBTC Pantelis Roussakis said:

"During the Chinese New Year celebrations people wear red clothes, exchange decorative poems on red paper and give out 'lucky money' in red envelopes. Today amidst the New Year festivities in Melbourne's bustling Chinatown, we hit the streets, giving people a paper bitcoin wallet, instructions and good wishes for the New year."

Vermont Finance Commissioner: We Don't Need a BitLicense

Following its decision to abruptly shut down the state’s only bitcoin ATM, Commissioner Susan Donegan notably described digital currencies as “not a new issue” for Vermont. She contends that Vermont has in fact met with “a handful” of such businesses in recent years that have received licenses, or have pending licenses, to operate.


“We’re open and having those conversations and if going through that process is either too daunting or doesn't fit into someone’s philosophy, they should rethink being in this business. This is money. We don’t allow folks to go without some sort of oversight.”

Hardware Wallet Startup Ledger Raises US$1.5 Million in Seed Round

Bitcoin hardware wallet startup Ledger raised $1.5m in a seed round led by French VC fund XAnge Private Equity. Ledger says the round will allow it to fulfill its mission of helping bitcoin and other future blockchain applications to scale and achieve mass adoption via simple yet powerful solutions to secure users’ private keys.

According to Ledger’s co-founder Eric Larchevêque:

“Hardware wallets, or digital identity security systems, must be eventually perceived as a commodity. Only horizontal integration, as well as extremely low cost per user, is compatible with global mass adoption.”

Some Suggest Euro Crisis Could Spark New Bitcoin Run-up

As the dramatic showdown in Brussels between the new Greek government and its European creditors is reaching its climax, many Greek depositors – spooked by the prospect of a Greek default or an exit from the euro zone - have been pulling Euros out of the nation's banks in record amounts over the last few days.

Referring to the bail-ins and capital controls on Cyprus in 2013, some bitcoiners are now suggesting Bitcoin might just be a much needed way out for the people of Greece.

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