Cointelegraph is delighted to announce the addition of to the Cointelegraph Media Group.

The move adds yet another resource to the growing range of Cointelegraph partners from across the cryptocurrency industry, providing unparalleled reach and variety for our advertising partners.

Map of Coins is a definitive referral resource for the history of the cryptocurrency world. Beginning at the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009, its interactive mapping feature charts the development and creation of the entire spectrum of currencies on the market today.

Mapping allows for forks to be clearly identified, which each new currency including a clickable factsheet with further information. Divided by month, BTC and non-BTC forks are segregated into different sections for easier browsing. At present, over 700 BTC forks and 24 non-BTC forks are listed and available for consultation.

“With the integration of Map of Coins into our Media Group we've received a valuable source of historical data regarding the development of the cryptocurrency market. In turn, Map of Coins gets the necessary momentum to move forward with the development of their platform,” Cointelegraph’s chief editor Allen Scott said about the partnership.

“It is this form of mutually beneficial cooperation that we strive for when building the Media Group: the synergy of multiple sites working together for a common goal allows everyone to move forward with ever-increasing success.”

Cointelegraph Media Group has quickly made a name for itself as the premier network of advertising opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Household names from the media, statistics and community resource spheres are available for businesses wanting to reach every possible type of potential customer.

More information about the opportunities available for advertising partners is available from our dedicated advertising page, or by contacting our sales team at [email protected].

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