Matchpool, the online dating and matching platform, has announced a new partnership with two companies within the crypto industry: uPort and Bitpropety.


uPort is an open source software project to establish a global, unified sovereign identity system for people, businesses, organizations, devices and bots.

After talking with uPort engineers and visiting the offices earlier this month, Matchpool said that they will introduce their identity system later this year.

With users of Matchpool creating their own invite-only pools to add people with similar interests to their own, knowing the identity of someone is important.

“Identity on Matchpool is one of the key components to the platform succeeding to ensure safety and verifying identity,” Matchpool said on Medium. “Our partnership with uPort means we can decentralize identity, and keep the users’ information safe and secure.”

This, in turn, helps to create trust between the matchmaker and Matchpool’s platform, because as Yonatan Ben Shimon, founder of Matchpool, said recently to Cointelegraph, “every interaction in the world is based on trust.”


Bitproperty, is planning to develop a distributed real estate platform service, that will be run by digital tokens. By using the upcoming platform, people can invest faster at a lower cost and create a new trading market. At the moment, though, regulation of real estate is strict in Japan, so Bitproperty will be handling renewable energy.

Once Bitproperty has earned the qualification to respond to the strict legal regulations it will launch its real estate platform project. Through Bitproperty, an investor will have the opportunity to obtain BTP tokens and also real estate ownership rights and payouts, which are awarded by smart contract.

This news highlights the fact that Japan is fully committed and focused on its Blockchain development.

As an emerging leader within the crypto markets worldwide, Shimon said to Cointelegraph that the platform is looking forward to working with Bitproperty who have opened a pool on top of the Matchpool protocol.

“[Through] the partnership with Bitproperty, we are helping them to build an architecture and they are helping us to go into the Japanese market,” said Shimon.

The use of the Blockchain to verify real estate transactions is becoming more prevalent. Earlier this year, Georgia became the first country to sign an agreement to utilize the Blockchain to verify property transactions.