MetaMask announced it had made updates to its products' use license.

The company stated in a press release published on its blog that the new updates will not have any impact on all end-users, most application developers and non-profits and will be free of charge for those groups.

The company clarified that it would continue publishing and iterating upon the wallet provider API in the public sphere, ensuring a widely cross-compatible ecosystem of applications. It added it would remain committed to publishing all code in a public repository.

What about using MetaMask for commercial purposes?

According to MetaMask, developers who copy, modify, or fork the MetaMask codebase for commercial use, are invited to sign a formal commercial agreement with the company.

“For example, if you’ve copied MetaMask and offer it commercially to an audience larger than 10,000 monthly active users, we would like to enter into a formal commercial agreement,” the company said.

MetaMask justified this step, saying that in order to continue providing high-quality products in the future, it was necessary to obtain fair compensation that would allow them to continue and develop.

It is worth noting that MetaMask launched the eighth update of its Ethereum wallet last July, which includes a number of new features such as enhanced privacy control and a new account-login system.