The dry facts state that Microsoft succeeded to approve the newest update of the Kraken Application. The changes will consider Windows Phone 8 and provide Bitcoin trading features to the users.

In case You are going to find and install the mentioned application, do not forget to type “Bitcoin” before the word “Kraken”, as there are many similar app names of games and other software. The annotation of the program in the Microsoft Store says: 

“Bitcoin is a digital currency that is being accepted at more places everyday. It allows anonymous transactions worldwide. This simple app displays all the exchange rates of the Kraken Bitcoin exchange. Exchange rates are obtained directly from the exchange API.”

The description still does not include a word about the new feature, but Microsoft confirmed the approval to include the trading option to the second update of the app. The new capability is still tested by users and developers, of course, appreciate feedback to make the experience even smoother, faster and comfortable.

This bold step makes the Bitcoin Kraken the first app for the Microsoft platform to provide such feature, at least according to the opinion of experts of the Techie News. The previous set of functions included mostly statistics, among them checking of prices of many different virtual coins and creation of charts for a pair of cryptocoins. The appropriate visualization, accurate rates and many other advantages have made the application rather popular and the addition seems to be a logical extension.

The developers of the software Bitcoin Kraken Leon Cullens voiced his satisfaction with the agreement with Microsoft, who allowed starting new trades from the application. He even made and entrance in his blog recently:

“That’s a huge endorsement in my opinion. Nobody really knew what Microsoft’s stance on Bitcoin trading apps was before today, but by approving my app they have shown that they’re not boycotting Bitcoin“.

The reaction of Microsoft is positively evaluated by Bitcoin network experts and enthusiasts. The recognition of the giant company contributes to the image of the currency and sets an example for similar companies.