Mining Titans unveils Industrial Mining Mobile Data Center (MDC) the Helios CryptoKube, bringing out a customized long-term data solution to anyone wishing to enter the digital currency mining space.

Oxnard-incorporated Mining Titans announced the Helio CryptoKube, a customized shipping container built to demand that can house mining hardware customizable at any level with cooling engineered for CFM displacement of cool air for quick temperature transfer, the company stated in an announcement.

Talking to Cointelegraph, CEO Alex Merricks stated:

"We approach mining with the perspective that this industry will only continue to grow, improve, and integrate high performance computing into our daily lives. Mining, as a utilities offset, integrated into a mobile datacenter solution is less of a risk when utilized in this manner."

The freshly announced product focuses on performance and ease of use, while keeping in mind the client's wish of installing a datacenter wherever he/she desires, with his/her special requirements.

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"Every client has special needs and requirements that cannot be met by today's mining infrastructure alone," reads the company's announcement. "Our intentions as a digital currency mining hardware sales and design company is to work hands on with our clients from start to finish."

The team provides installation, configuration and optimization of customized solutions for its clients. If required, Mining Titans can also manage mining for those with little to no experience in setting up their own mining infrastructure.

While the Helio CryptoKube ensures portability, cost optimization, and a plug and play mining datacenter, the infrastructure can also be used for generic computing needs or as a super computing infrastructure. COO Kent Johnson explained:

"Our Data Center is a machine of the future, not only can we mine for crypto currencies, but we have the ability to change the Data Center to do other functions in the technology world. Finally there is a Data Center that has the ability to retrofit into many functions without sending it back to the manufacturers."

Regarding mining, the concept of an MDC offers many advantages over traditional methods, which are:

  • Cost-effectiveness: eliminates the hassle of getting permits and approvals for structures;
  • Higher quality: standards based approach to data center deployment. Specified to individuals' needs, built in a central local and shipped to the relevant site;
  • Faster deployments: Only 12 weeks to order assemble and ship. Optimized for tight schedules.

Industrial Mining Mobile Data Center (MDC)

Industrial Mining Mobile Data Center (MDC)

Technology experts

The Helios CryptoKube is an initiative from 3 companies: CosmicHQ, which focuses on integration services for the computing world, Mining Titans, a company specialized in solutions and services for the digital currency world, and CHQ Labs, a research and development enterprise of cutting edge technology solutions.

While Mining Titans has been in existence for only 1 year, the team members have been involved in the technology space for a better part of over two decades. The company focuses on innovative solutions that enable technology businesses to grow and prosper, explained Technology Operations and CTO Vivek P. Nair. He added:

"This solution was conceptualized when we were working with our partners to build high power, high efficiency, high stability industrial solutions for digital currency industry, as we identified that almost all the hardware that exists today is not built from an industry standpoint."

Thus, the company decided to create a concept that brings together the best from various industries and is now rolling out a unique solution for the digital currency world that enables greater mobility and control because “what one does with their datacenter lies completely in their own hands,” added Merricks.

Mining Titans is said to be in the process of raising VC investments, but have been currently bootstrapping and re-investing revenues from projects to carry out research.