A mobile Bitcoin options trading platform’s newly released app makes complex trading instruments easier and faster for retail traders.

Mobytronics, the team behind the mobile options trading app MobyTrader designed to introduce people to the options crypto markets, has just rolled out the newest version of its product for Android and iOS devices. The developers believe that what sets MobyTrader apart from all the other trading apps out there is that it is a robust financial tool that helps novice and retail traders get easily acquainted with highly complex trading tools. However, MobyTrader CEO Paul De Groot makes it clear that “this product is not a game. It's about making money by options trading.”

The app packs a wide range of complex trading tools in one simplified, mobile-friendly interface in which small options orders (the average order size is less than $100) are placed for a very short period of time, from just about five seconds to an hour. The creators of MobyTrader are proud to present something to the market that they believe no one else is offering retail users at the moment: a fast-paced and engaging way to place small, quick orders for real options with very short expiration times. 

A range of tools to choose from

MobyTrader is operated out of Estonia under a Crypto Exchange license, with its parent company, Mobytron, hailing from the Netherlands. The team originally published the app in 2017, and it quickly gained popularity. It has been successfully tested in Asia, where the community used it as a tool for storing and trading fiat currencies. At this time, about 300,000 users have MobyTrader installed on their devices. On average, the platform processes about 245,000 orders per month, matching and pricing around 1,000 price calculations per second.

The app may be of particular interest to those BTC wallet owners who are not content to just “hodl” their crypto but would like to put it to work: With MobyTrader, they can make their predictions for where the BTC/USD and other crypto indexes (based on data from eight major crypto exchanges derived from CryexMarkets, according to MobyTrader’s officials) will be at in the next few seconds or hours. With the platform’s fast trade execution, users can take advantage of the periods of increased crypto market volatility — a feature that would benefit traders who prefer short expiration times. To make it easier for them, the app sends out market event notifications, which, coupled with the choice of different derivatives (order types) available on the platform, is designed to enable traders to maximize their chances and limit their risks.

Users can easily deposit and automatically withdraw their funds to their wallet addresses. The MobyTrader creators claim that with the help of their app, traders can achieve faster and better results and higher leverage (up to 3,000%) depending on the market, even on smaller amounts — their data indicates that the average user creates orders between 0.001 and 0.015 BTC (about $5–$100), with an average number of orders per trader about 300.


With an eye on the future

Representatives stated that future plans of the company include creating Moby Crypto Options Exchange, which will be based on its options derivatives, where every order will be matched and executed on an on-chain, smart contract-executed order book. With the present MobyTrader version, traders are already virtually trading and competing against each other, while the platform fills in the gaps between unmatched orders. So, creating its own Moby Crypto Options Exchange appears to be a logical next step. In today’s market realities, options and futures trading is prohibitively expensive and therefore not readily accessible to anyone but major professional and institutional traders. With the three crypto options derivatives ModyTrader has already developed, and utilizing the blockchain capabilities, the team believes it can democratize crypto options trading, making it easier and cheaper for individual, layman users. With that said, they feel it’s their duty to warn users that crypto trading through their platform is still a high-risk operation, however engaging the experience may be.

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