Alvin Hagg, Founder of FreeWallet, anticipates mobile Ethereum evolution. After FreeWallet became the top Ethereum wallet on Google Play, Hagg seeks a similar feat on App Store following the recent launch for iOS users.

Hagg says:

“Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum’s infrastructural applications and services are still poorly represented, at least when it comes to the mobile market.”

Now FreeWallet supports all popular platforms to give users access to their funds on any mobile device, including moving from Android to iOS without any additional data like backup files or private keys.

Hagg adds:

“The competition intensifies but by the time “mobile Ethereum” becomes mainstream, we will have enough market feedback and experience to provide features, required by the users, accurately, instead of developing raw MVPs.”

Hagg doesn’t seem the only one bracing up for the challenge ahead. The thinking could work for others in the Ethereum’s developer community which has been growing with several new things being tried on the Ethereum platform.

246 dapps are currently listed on which is an indication of the global expansion drive the community has been pushing for and what future expectations could bring when these efforts reach maturity.

Building trust and long-term relationships with users

Hagg says positive feedback has already been coming from new users and the App Store in the case of FreeWallet. Having launched the same product for Android users gives the wallet an advantage for the iOS version to come up with a pattern of what, how and when should be implemented, or abandoned, especially as iPhone users are perceived to be more sensitive to product design and user experience.

He explains:

“We started developing our apps for Android, mostly following Material Design guidelines. Then we decided to implement some new elements that didn’t match the Google’s design language. This combination helped us to create our own visual language of the apps. We are going to improve some of the UI elements, in order to make them more usual for iOS users. Freewallet will also implement new functional features, which will result in design changes too.”

FreeWallet is currently not monetizing its Ethereum wallet but focused on building trust and long-term relationships with its users - its assumed capital in new age financial products.

The business will not be based on customers’ deposits. It is considering conventional app monetization models and other ways to earn money by providing specific cryptocurrency services.