The metaverse seems to be gripping everyone’s imagination these days. With launches of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based play-to-earn tokenized games increasing to meet the rising demand, the sky's the limit for this new genre.

New meme coins are on the increase following Dogecoin’s (DOGE) early explosion at the beginning of this year. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been the talk of the town over the past few months, with an explosion of over 1000% in its price.

With all that popularity in mind, the developers of SafeMoon Inu (SMI) saw an opening after discovering the positives and negatives of both coins and went on to develop something from the best of both without all the downsides and have teamed up with Enjin Coin (ENJ) to develop a play-to-earn game titled Moonshot Voyage.

Although SafeMoon Inu sounds like a mix of two popular tokens, which are Shiba Inu and Safemoon, it's more than just a meme coin. It has also recently been listed on the WhiteBIT exchange.

The SafeMoon Inu team includes highly skilled personnel from multiple disciplines ranging from game development, marketing, cyber security and project management, to name a few, and is currently working on a gaming platform with NFTs powered by Enjin called SMI PLAY.

Its first flagship game, Moonshot Voyage, a free-to-play top-down shooter about animal-bounty hunters traveling through space to find a legendary spaceship, is coming live in Q1 2022.


The first alpha test of the game took place Nov. 6-7. Among those who took part in the test, 76.5% of players rated their experience as invigorating (with a rating of 4.5 being scored), while 85.2% of players evaluated the NFT integration powered by Enjin and gave another 4.5 score.

The SafeMoon Inu team plans to develop more games for the SMI PLAY platform after Moonshot Voyage, where NFTs from one game could work in others.

Key points on the project

SafeMoon Inu, a smart ERC-20 token, is a community-driven meme and gaming token. The Anti-PaperHand system distributes 2% of every transaction to holders. This incentivizes all “hodlers” and rewards people that stay on board. The upcoming play-to-earn metaverse gaming platform SMI Play with in-game NFTs will offer additional rewards for SMI token holders.

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SMI PLAY’s creators have also given back to charities to share the rewards gained from the success to date with those in need. SafeMoon Inu recently joined the MUNCH Charity Circle, donating over 5 ETH to charity and partnering with the MUNCH project. Additionally, Moonshot Voyage by SafeMoon Inu is an official Enjin Adopter project.

According to the team, their biggest achievements over the past twelve months include a partnership with Enjin, gaining over 15,000 holders, reaching a $120 million market cap, successful alpha test of Moonshot Voyage and being listed on BKEX and WhiteBIT crypto exchanges.

“SafeMoon Inu is a community-driven, meme-wrapped play-to-earn gaming token. The project's upcoming gaming platform, SMI Play, is powered by Enjin. The first entry on SMI Play will be Moonshot Voyage, releasing Q1 2022. Enjoy the memes, stay for the laughter and work together to explore the galaxy,” members of the team share.

Future plans

Plans for SafeMoon Inu have grown due to the immense speed at which development has taken place.

SafeMoon Inu is currently in the midst of an NFT presale, the game’s open beta test, which is coming at the end of the month, as well as the website’s upgrade with a holder’s dashboard.

For Q1 2022, the project plans to get listed on more exchanges, including WhiteBIT, BKEX, provide early access launch of Moonshot Voyage 2022, actively develop Moonshot Voyage and start development of the next game to be released along with R&D into other areas of interest.

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