Today all bitcoin forums are discussing one single mysterious transaction of 194,993 BTC.

According to new bitcoin price rate the transaction is worth more than 147 million dollars and it is one of the biggest bitcoin transactions in history. Moreover it represents 1.6% of all bitcoins now in circulation.

Soon after the transaction was made everyone in bitcoin community started to search whose work is it. While all information about transaction in network is opened and the address of the sender is known, it is almost impossible to trace him. None of the users’ identity is known if the user doesn’t show on.

It is only known that the mysterious transaction involved a large number of sending addresses. It seems that bitcoins from 15 different addresses were sent to address "12sENwECeRSmTeDwyLNqwh47JistZqFmW8”.

Sarah Meiklejohn, a computer scientist at the University of California, San Diego, said in an interview to a Washington Post: “About half of the transactions sending bitcoins to this 12sENw address between August 29 and November 14 were from addresses we had associated with Bitstamp. Of course, I could also be completely wrong!”

Some of the blocks from this transaction were mined in the beginning of 2010. Not surprisingly that some users believe that it could be from bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. But truly, is it possible that bitcoin long absent father did this?

The second theory says it was Richard Branson. He is a 63 years old English businessman, investor and the founder of Virgin Group. Recently his company announced that Virgin Galactic will accept bitcoins as a payment. May be exactly he was the master behind mysterious transaction.

According to the third theory it was a miner from bitcoin’s early days. Or it could be a business that decided to move bitcoins to a more secure storage.

People are also impressed that such an amount could be transferred without any regulatory hindrance, lawyers, or fees. It is worth to mention that the user paid no transaction fee. In this case the identity of the sender is less interesting that the information of what infrastructure allowed making such transaction possible.

However, none of the 194,993 BTC has been exchanged for any fiat currency.