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Managing a portfolio consisting of traditional assets can be done through a wide range of tools. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, traders do not have access to the same level of infrastructure, which makes crypto portfolio management a more tedious process for beginners.

To begin with, the crypto market is highly fragmented at all levels. There are dozens of crypto exchanges to choose from, while digital currencies reside on different blockchain networks, each with its own nuances. For novice crypto traders, fragmentation hinders the smooth onboarding process. Experienced traders are also affected too, as they cannot enjoy a seamless trading experience.

Registering with each crypto exchange to take advantage of its benefits and incentives means having multiple different crypto addresses, which often makes real-time monitoring an impossible task. In addition, the volatile nature of crypto assets makes it difficult to catch up with the market when traders want to open or exit positions.

How to simplify crypto portfolio management

For traders who want to simplify their trading experience, there are specialized services that aggregate multiple major exchanges and various crypto wallets, both custodial and non-custodial. This allows them to monitor their exposure from a single dashboard.

One of the current solutions is GoodCrypto, an all-in-one crypto portfolio manager and trading terminal with access to multiple exchanges. Today, the platform supports 35 major crypto exchanges and continues to expand its ecosystem. Additionally, GoodCrypto supports 15 leading blockchains, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Source: GoodCrypto

Source: GoodCrypto

Maksim Hramadtsou, founder and CEO of GoodCrypto, explained:

“Our goal is to provide access to advanced trading tools on any crypto exchange, centralized or decentralized. Whether they are seasoned professionals or users who are just starting their crypto journey, GoodCrypto can help everyone become a better trader.”

Launched in 2019, GoodCrypto allows users to access dozens of centralized exchanges from a single app, making the onboarding and crypto portfolio management process super easy for both novice and experienced traders. Supported exchanges include spot and derivative trading platforms, such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, OKX, BitMEX and, among others. Moreover, the platform is currently working on adding all major decentralized exchanges as well.

The application has web, Android and iOS versions, compatible with most devices.

Source: GoodCrypto

Source: GoodCrypto

GoodCrypto users can easily connect their existing accounts on any of the 35 supported exchanges, and the app will automatically import their entire trading history, including balances, orders and transactions.

Besides managing positions across multiple exchanges, GoodCrypto has built-in trading tools and strategies to improve risk management. Users can use a single trading interface and a single set of market analysis and trading tools to access all of the supported exchanges. The trading tools work exactly the same regardless of the underlying exchange.

The most common tools include vanilla trading options, as well as advanced orders such as trailing stops and stop loss and take profit combos. On top of that, the platform offers fully automated algorithms that can open and manage positions based on technical indicators.

All of these trading tools, even the more advanced ones, are intuitive and easy to set up. Moreover, traders can visualize each order and trading algorithm on the chart.

Source: GoodCrypto

Source: GoodCrypto

In today’s fragmented and rapidly changing crypto world, GoodCrypto stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. With access to multiple exchanges, advanced trading tools, and an intuitive interface, the platform caters to both novice and seasoned traders, helping them take crypto portfolio management to a whole new level.

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