Peer-to-peer marketplace Paxful has just announced that it is rolling out a worldwide entrepreneurship program that will offer education and unique benefits to those who sign up, as well as paths for growth within the community. 

The Paxful marketplace has been in operation since 2015 and has the mission of not only spreading awareness of Bitcoin but also making it a viable economic option for the underbanked and unbanked worldwide. To make this possible, the service supports over 300 different payment methods, including credit/debit, cash, online wallets, bank transfers, gift cards and other digital currencies. This is possible due to the fact that the service matches buyers with sellers and acts as escrow to ensure honesty. 

Since it launched, the platform has been seeing a growth in usage worldwide, most recently boasting a 2,800% increase in trading volume in South Africa. However, Paxful wanted to do more. Not content just spreading awareness of cryptocurrency, the team wanted to find new leaders within the existing community. This has lead to the launch of the Paxful Peer Program — a new way for users to help with the company’s mission and get benefits along the way.

Three levels of success

The Paxful Peer Program is an international entrepreneurship initiative open for anybody to apply. If accepted, one becomes an official Paxful Peer. However this is only the first of three levels, each offering new responsibilities and benefits. As a Peer, responsibilities include creating Paxful content on social media, bringing new clients to the platform, and giving feedback on user experience. In return for this, Peers can expect such perks as an official badge added to their profile, access to exclusive webinars, invitations to official company events, and more.


Successful Peers can eventually rise up to become Ambassadors. At this level, users begin creating in-depth content as well as organizing Paxful meetups. They are also expected to further their connections in the community, including bringing in new Peers. For their efforts, Ambassadors get access to more exclusive swag, sponsorships of up to $500 for Paxful meetups, and bonuses if those events are successful. After an Ambassador has brought in at least one new Peer, they can graduate to the highest level, Associate.

Associates are considered experts of the Paxful platform. This level comes with new opportunities to on-board and train Peers, protect Paxful from hackers, visit company offices, and even the potential to become an actual employee of the marketplace. The associate also earns a small monthly compensation for their work, as the responsibilities of this tier are the most demanding.

Building a stronger Bitcoin community

Due to the emphasis on social media, this offer is ideal for those who already have some solid connections both within and outside the cryptocurrency world. It also gives influencers a chance to further expand their circle by bringing in new people curious about digital assets. For those more interested in connecting with people in the real world, Paxful meetups offer a new chance for networking.

The Paxful Peer Program offers opportunities for those who want to help spread financial freedom to unbanked citizens worldwide, and offers rewards for the efforts of its members. The initiative stands as a great way for those passionate about the platform to make new connections, both personal and professional. As Ray Youssef, CEO and co-founder of Paxful, said: 

“The Paxful Peer Program is the next step to evolving our community and providing them a path to entrepreneurship. We are thrilled to be able to enhance the community with an unprecedented level of knowledge around cryptocurrency trading and Bitcoin, and even more thrilled to be able to provide growth opportunities to this same community.”

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